About Kay

My name is Kadian, but you could call me Kay for short. I currently reside in the Big Apple, aka New York City, and work in technology.


Kay Wanderz came to fruition due to my constant curiosity for experience in all its many forms but never breaking the bank. Whether it's searching Chinatown at 1 am for a new speakeasy that just opened up or getting stuck at Rutgers college for New Year's eve night with work at 7 the next morning.


After years of my friends and family telling me to share my experiences, I've finally decided to start this site. Bear with me as I'm learning this as I go, but can't promise sh*t won't happen along the way.


Join me as I journey through starting a new career, travel, and all the stories that happen along the way.. Feel free to leave a piece of advice or two, as I can use all the help I can get, haha! 


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