• Kay W.

Dirty Dancing in Bembe

Ever wanted to know what it's like to be in a club in Rio or what dirty dancing in Havana would be like may be like? Look no further than Bembe.

There is only one thing that comes second to my love of music, and that's my love of dancing. So finding a place to dance in New York was as necessary as finding a place to live for me. New York is infamous for having a fantastic nightlife, and with that, I knew I would find some great places to dance. My go-to app for looking up places to go and reading down to earth reviews is Yelp. It has been my best mate and often has my visiting mates thinking that I know the place like a local. They couldn't be any more wrong, but why burst their bubble, eh?

Now a few New Yorkers may have already heard of this place, but this city is still quite new to me. Thanks to Yelp, I stumbled upon a beautiful little gem called Bembe. It's located in hipster central, Williamsburg. Besides the reviews I read on Yelp, a few of my coworkers have actually been there as well and shared with me their own personal reviews. It sounded like someplace right up my alley. I dragged my partner in crime along after work one Thursday night (which is said to be one of the best nights to go out in New York). Just a bit of warning for the typical Monday to Friday work crowd.

Bembe is an intimate dance club, that reminded me of a scene from Black Orpheus. Being that I was born in the Caribbean and raised in Miami, I felt right at home. It barely took me my first drink to loosen up and get on the dance floor with the guy next to me. Probably because the drinks are potent and the music is seductive. The music was a mixture of Afro-Latin, salsa, reggae, and music from all over the Caribbean and South America. If you are claustrophobic, have a fear of crowds, and hate loud music, then this is definitely not the place for you.

I was happily surprised to see that the crowd was much more eclectic than I had imagined. The guys were friendly, but not in a creepy way. And there's always someone willing to teach you a few moves. We left happily exhausted and anticipating our next visit. So if you're on that side of town and looking to relive Dirty Dancing, Bembe's got a spot on the floor waiting for you. If you know any great dance spots in New York City or the city that you live, please feel free to share. I'm always looking for a place to dance when I travel.